Pet plus values and stat bonus effects on damage output?

So, each pet has plus values and status amounts for Melee, Ranged, and Tech. However, are Ranged and Melee completely irrelevant unless you get the Pet Switch Strike/Pet Switch Shot skills and activate them?

Basically even if it's not the meta, I prefer Su/Te for the consistent PP regen and the ability to support my pets and allies better, so should I not even bother with worrying about using Melee or Ranged candies and plus values?

Or do different pet PAs use different stat modifiers/bonuses for damage calculations?

I'm trying not to waste resources and that means being cautious about my candy boxes. I presume Crit Rate and such is always golden, as is flat damage bonus and other supplemental stuff. Basically the biggest impact will be which cookies I use.

Basically, yeah, MEL-Pwr and RNG-Pwr on Pets are only used if you activate Pet Switch Strike/Shoot.