End of year Scratch Ticket suggestion

it would be nice if at the end of the year there were special scratch tickets that had items from all the scratch tickets for that year BUT have them seperated by items... i.e. have a scratch ticket for all the different Hair styles, one for all the accessories, have a male clothing ticket and a female clothing ticket, and one for the body paint/makeup/eyes, one for emotes, and then one for the weapon skins.

This way people that missed out can have a chance at some of the looks and for people that was not able to get that one item before it went away can have a second chance at it. also DO NOT put consumables in these scratch tickets!! NO xp boosts, or things like that only the items that are for looks like was mentioned above.

Actually it would also be nice if we no longer got the consumable items in the payed scratch tickets.. there is nothing worse than buying a 12 pack of a scratch ticket and having nearly half of them be something like Affix Augments, Elemental Transition.... im buying the scratch tickets for the clothing, hair, accessories, pets, or mag/weapon skins not for some potion. B^)

JP version has done something similar. Once or twice a year they have a revival scratch full of the most popular items from recent scratches.

It remains to be seen how NA will handle things like this, especially since NGS will be out by this time next year.