Localizing the PSVITA versions?

It would be awesome if they at least allowed the Vita versions to be in english and playable in the US. I have Nova but I'm worried to purchase the other PSO 2 Vita games.

While the Vita is popular in Japan, it really never took off in NA. I would to dust off my Vita and try PSO2 in NA but I worry with the Vita being discontinued in the west due to lack of popularity, it won't happen 😢

The PSVita officially ended production March 1, 2019: https://www.google.com/search?q=vita+end+of+life

Old topic, but this seems like a good discussion to talk about it now:

PSO2 JP has just announced that they are ending all services for PS Vita in regards to PSO2 on August 19th.

So most likely, Vita will not be coming to NA.

@LapisWave My only hope is that this means they implement some much needed cosmetic upgrades since it doesn't need to support Vita anymore (like individual fingers).

Considering New Genesis got announced after, I'm pretty sure it 100% have to do with the Vita limits. Sega may want to push a bit further.