My character's voice is not playing anymore

My character's voice randomly stopped playing, and I have no idea why. I'm not sure when it stopped working either.

I was using Unique Voice 6 with Japanese audio, pitched up slightly, and it used to work completely fine until recently. My character's voice doesn't play during combat, or when manually triggering voice lines with /vo1 - /vo9. I tried switching to other voices, and they don't seem to work either.

The volume in the settings is fine - I can hear the preview when I adjust the setting, and I can hear my voice in the character editor. I can also hear other character's voices just fine - both NPCs and other players. I am not sure if other players can hear my character, but I am pretty sure they can't.

How can I fix that?

I've had this problem the whole time I have been playing. Haven't seen anyone else with the same problem besides you. My friend can hear my character just fine but i cannot.

Update: I fixed the problem.

A driver update reset my sound card's settings to 5.1 Surround, but my headphones are just plain Stereo. In a surround setup, the player character's voice only plays through the front center speaker, which doesn't exist in a Stereo setup.

I fixed the issue by setting my audio output back to Stereo in the Windows settings, and by disabling Surround in PSO2's settings.

@wepic Omg thank you so much!! That worked for me as well.