Fresh Finds and Mission Pass Rewards - Character Binding

Can someone explain to me how in the world we are supposed to use a cosmetic item we like on more than one character if it came from mission pass/fresh finds. Both of these sources you can only get one set of the cosmetic from no matter how much money you throw at the screen. Not to mention, fresh finds items are not going to, or will take an extremely long time to rotate back. In a worst case scenario you miss an item completely for not logging on for one day and are left at a loss as to whether you will ever have another chance to get it again. In a BEST case scenario, you have to pay star gems, which are harder to get in NA than JP, instead of AC/Mesenta like JP like normal scratch items because they aren't trade able in NA. On top of this, you can only get one copy that binds to a single character. Some of us have the max number of characters and everyone has at least 3! Why would premium items that can cost upwards of $80 EVER need two copies to use fully??? I saw a post earlier saying similar things and a GM commented saying it was mentioned to the team, but that was months ago. Look I understand you guy's hands are tied to a certain extent with JP being the main audience and the head execs or whatever there, but this is ridiculous. Maybe I'm overreacting, but as a new player (started with NA), seeing the disparity with how they treat us and them it's really discouraging for the future of this game in the west or at least my future with this game. It feels like they are milking NA as a big cash cow without providing many of the benefits JP gets.

TLDR: Fresh Finds and Mission Gold Pass items should be trade able at the very least as it's currently impossible to use them on more than one character. A lot of the pricing for NA items is also ridiculous considering they were just scratch items in JP.

Like I said, I am a newer player and if you disagree with or can disprove my points please do as this is something I would love to be wrong about.

Edit: Seeing the AC sale pack they just put out for $100 as well... Personally I'm disappointed.

With mission pass, there are overclock levels that you unlock at lvl 30, which offers you a lot of stuff from previous levels, so you can pick what you like, and once use a second bindable item, it unlocks for all your chars. As for fresh finds, the outfit that you can only buy once can be transferred between chars by storage, and the accessories and stuff come round more than once before a new set comes in, just need to check everyday, so you don’t miss the ones you want

Just the way of NA monetization. All of the items in Mission Pass and Fresh Find Shop that I've seen are either AC or FUN scratch items on JP - which can be traded and put in player shops and get multiple copies if you want to pull more scratches.

The mission pass system technically is a pretty good deal for the amount of items you get and you make the 200 SG back if you make it all the way to the end - but it is not very friendly for those want to dress up all their alts or newer players that join in late and missed the previous seasons (poor CAST players, seems like they are distributing alot of CAST parts this way?). I'm expecting Steam users probably will be wanting re-runs of previous seasons.

The need of 2 accessory tickets to make it account-wide was actually an improvement. In early days on JP, we had to use accessory tickets for each of the characters we want to wear the item. At the begining of EP5, they did an update to make that we only need 2 tickets to register the accessory account-wide ( Still on this same update, they introduced material storage, so we can see a sign of monetization here too 😆

Now, commenting like this doesn't mean I agree with the 2-tickets rule. Given the fact that NA fresh finds shop is mass-producing non-tradable-1-per-account items on daily basis, changing the rule to requiring only one ticket, is a very reasonable change, I think.

At least I truly hope NGS won't inherit this pathetic 2-for-account rule.

@Fiona-Respha said in Fresh Finds and Mission Pass Rewards - Character Binding:

At the begining of EP5, they did an update to make that we only need 2 tickets to register the accessory account-wide (

Thanks for that link. It explains that if two accessories have been used previously prior to the change, they will still become account-wide. (Machine translation: "Accounts that already meet the requirements will be able to be used by unused characters at the timing of "EPISODE5" start.") This gives hope to possible future changes of Fresh Finds purchases specifically being account-wide with one.

You will have to wait for it to rerelease on the shop/pass. They already rereleases some things from the mission pass for us pc players so im hoping they will do the same for steam.