Difference Nemisis Bullet 30 and Nemisis Bullet 35 to R-PWR

Planning to buy level 1 bullet but wont grind it to max cap. Is there a big r-pwr difference in both 30 and 35?

+30: ~1602 RNG-Pwr

+35: 1664 RNG-Pwr

@AndrlCh Thanks so there is a very high difference might aswell buy an already 35 Bullet thanks!

Why would you not grind it to +35 yourself? The difference is like a single +30 12star weapon, so 30 to 35 costs like 1.5m

@Yui2387 because i need 5 more Nemesis bullet if i grind it to cap? i think

@JearimGaming200 you don't need copies for Nemesis wepaons.

If the 13*+ is a drop you can grind it to 35 without dupes, if its bought with currency (weapon badges) then you need 5 dupes.