Please Remove Gender-Locked Clothing in PSO2-NG


Most MMOs have removed gender-locked clothing, or made valiant efforts in 2020s to allow clothing for both genders.

Example: you can wear fishnets and high heels as a male in Final Fantasy XIV.

alt text

I bought fishnets in PSO2 on the Fresh Finds, not knowing they were gender locked, and sadly regret wasting real-life money.

If this game truly is a revamp, it would be wonderful to start from scratch and remove many of these restrictions on players.

i would like this as well... there have been some male clothing i would have liked better on female characters.

Doubt it will happen. Since we know that registered items (like basewears) will transfer over to NGS. They could just start making more neutral clothing for both genders, but they sort of already do that @ female and some feminine clothing for males.

That would be cool, even if they don't do that with current clothes maybe they can do that with some other clothes later on?

Who cares about this shit lmfao.

I'd rather they just add more interesting cosmetics, than go the lazy route and make it mirror stuff.

@Morgothryuzaki said in Please Remove Gender-Locked Clothing in PSO2-NG:

Who cares about this shit lmfao.

People who post here.

Be kind.

I agree! They should also make Cast parts usable on all races/genders, as well as all clothes usable on Casts. Then also allow for Race and/or Gender changes, using the same 100 SG/Character Change Pass, the stats aren't extremely different anyway. Finally, also apply this change to the original PSO2 as well, and it would need to be, since character and other registered data is transferable back and forth between PSO2 and PSO2: NGS.

After seeing the shops I really wish some things weren't gender locked like the cute hoodie 😞