had the same problem yesterday spent 1 hour to find all those damn files that duplicate itself...and ironically my 2nd pc had the same issues xD i was using the "NA beta" version of tweaker - as in downloading the game from microsoft - doing stuff here and there...following the instructions 1:1....rarely had problems...sometimes it didn start and i jus ran a check and it worked again...but yesterday was a complete nightmare nothing helped...for each "fix" i used the game must have duplicated itself....even in tweaker it started to check different and multiple files? like 30k data files - got stuck on screen for voer 1 hour not compelting....always a window opened about a microsoft app that is already installed....it was simply a big mess until i decied ok nth works now i actually have to delete all of that crap and start over...to note if anybody is missing it...in the instructions is smth on the bottom a note to visit another page....then there are 2 files wich have to be put into the tweaker and run after the download and installation is over...this runs a script that basically does everything for you and fixes any issue that you could run into...i have no clue about this kinda stuff but this seems much better than "the old pc release" way since thats where ppl ran into trouble even using tweaker