Important PSA about linking steam accounts (and more)!

What level of stupidity is this? I delete the MS version to get steam, but I don't have the disk space to have it installed twice nor do I have the bandwidth to reinstall MS again while I have to work from home. Why didn't they just support linking via the web like every other game under the sun that allows you to chose your account?

@TeemingCastle27 with the steam version i can buy AC since i live in EU. so that's the best version for me. if you don't have that need just keep using the MS one

ya, unfortunately I tried everything I could to not have to redownload in order for it to work (MS version is working fine for me, I just kinda want the in-game cosmetic rewards, just because). Even tried the copy/paste routine to see if maybe it would see files there and just download what was needed for it to be configured to steam... ya... nope. So unfortunately if want to link accounts for whatever reason, it does require the dual install... which is just.... not cool. I know there had to have been an easier way to do this without forcing that upon people but, I'm not a coder, just a tech, so I don't know for sure what it would have taken. Still, I feel for those that just don't have the means to have it on there twice, though if didn't have a lot on your characters due to the launch issues and waiting for this, best just to start anew anyways. If you had invested a good chunk into your characters but were having problems, ya... wish I could've helped but unfortunately I tried a ton of different ways to bypass the 2nd download and couldn't get any of them to work 😞

@TeemingCastle27 said in Important PSA about linking steam accounts (and more)!:

I have a question no one seems to be answering. Why should I make the switch to Steam as opposed to just keeping my PSO2/tweaker version since I haven't had any issues with that? I don't mind doing the switch if it can yield some sort of benefit but I don't see the point otherwise.

That's a strange question, no one said you have to.

You could always just install the Steam version for a short bit to get the Valve cosmetic items and then uninstall it. That's pretty much the only good reason you in particular would have to link the accounts.

Why? What? So I have to have 150 gb of space just so I can continue playing on Steam?

@Grave-Knight For the initial linking, yes, but you can uninstall the Windows Store version once you have linked.

If you are using the Tweaker, however, apparently you can use the same install for both the MS Store and Steam versions.

@AndrlCh I'll have to look into that. Would at least let me use Steam store for the cash shop stuff.

Ugh. I was hoping to not have to install the long ass updates through the windows version just to play on the steam version. Opening it through Windows always takes HOURS to update for no reason. x.x Why do they even have this as a thing? Why couldn't there just be a PSO2 website for linking accounts instead. 😞 Not even mentioning having to have the near 100gb game downloaded twice on your PC just to do this.

@ZairSilversky If you do it through the tweaker, the process is pretty painless and you can get it connected to the MS Store+Steam versions simultaneously. That's how I did my transfer code, didn't have to install/download the game a second time.