What level can Gunner use the Gix Cafuil weapon?

So far I'm a level 64 gunner and I still can't equip a Gix weapon. I saw other classes that were level 50's able to equip a Gix weapon, so why can't I? Gix..PNG

If you do not have 760 Base RNG Power, you will not be able to equip it.

Base stats are what your character's stats are without any armor/weapon equipped. (It will tell you how much you have in the description dialogue for the weapon when hovering over it. In parenthesis next to the required amount.)

Depends on a number of factors, including your Gender/Race, Mag, Subclass level, and any lv75 Title Bonuses you have.

The Gix TMG requires 760 RNG-Pwr to equip. Assuming that you have a lv200 RNG Mag, your Fighter level is 55, you have no Title Bonuses, and only have the initial 3SP into Ranged PWR Up 1 on your Gunner Skill Tree, then you would have 753 RNG-Pwr as a lv64 male Deuman Gunner. At this point, just two level ups would let you equip them (a single level up would just get you to 758 RNG-Pwr).