The AC Sales Pack are just bad deals. Please consider your marketing strategy on them.

I don't understand the marketing behind these at all:

Let's take the current Beginner's Pack:

  • Inventory Expansion x1
  • Character Storage Expansion x1
  • Scape Doll x5
  • Exp +100% Booster x 6

Price: 1750 AC

The main items of value in this pack are the Inventory Expansion and the Character Storage Expansion which if bought separately cost a total of 1150 AC (350 for the Inventory Expansion and 800 for the Character Storage Expansion). So essentially, we are paying extra for discounted consumables if you can ever call it that; Scape Doll x5 costs 600 AC. What is 600+1150? 1750, so quite literally, we are paying full price just to get 6 Exp +100 Boosters.

Don't even get me started on how bad of a value the boost item pack is, costing a whooping 9300 AC for just boosters.

Now let's look at JP packs:

From Feb 2017:

alt text

From May 2018:

alt text


alt text

Let's look at the Item Pack Expansion Set from Feb 2017: 5 Inventory Expansions for 1600 AC. If bought individually, they would cost 1750 AC so that is a discount of 150 AC. The beginner set? 650 AC if bought separately so a saving of 200 AC.

The May 2018 packs is probably the worst of the three, but at least the price is less than the individual items when bought separately. Example in the Pack Expansion Set, Inventory Expansion x2 (700 AC) + Scape Doll x3 (400 AC), so 200 AC saving there technically.

When looking at the present packs, you have a premium set that costs the normal price but gives two Tokyo gold keys. No added fluff to raise the price. 8th Anniversary Starter set? Inventory Expansion and Mag Ticket individually costs 650 AC so you are saving 150 AC and are getting two gold keys for free. Character Storage Expansion? No extra fluff, costs 25% less as it normally costs 800 AC, and comes with a bonus key. The Item Pack Set? We already know that 5 Inventory Expansions is normally 1750 AC, so this is 150 AC saving and it comes with 2 bonus keys. Even the Luxurious Boost Set, the most questionable pack out of the present set, costs less than its individual items: 150% EXP Boost x3 (800 AC) + 5 * 400% RDR Boosters (5 * 900 AC) = 5300 AC if bought separately and it comes with a rainbow bonus key.

Like the packs we get make no sense and people are unlikely to buy them; they only serve to make Sega look greedy. The ones in JP actually have value and actually have a good chance of being purchased as they actually do save you money. I am highly confident that the JP packs actually make a decent profit, especially when compared to the NA packs.

If Sega wants to sell these packs, like I mean actually get people to buy them, then they need to actually make them worthwhile. Whoever is designing these packs needs to rethink them completely.

signed ac boosters are completly bad and basically useless...selling a stack of useless items doesn make them valueable out of nowhere....sales are good but pls with useful items included so people feel actually attracted on buying a "on sale pack" or recieve additional hot gifts from a pack that included items they would usually buy

i would count 400% booster as a 1 USD item at most...tri booster maybe 0,05USD and dont get me started with exp booster wich are stacking in my storage...if i use a 75% one or a 150% one doesn make much of a difference....just that i get a 75% one for free in game...same as tri these packs are worth about 5 USD not 100 USD....that would be sale!

I didn't really think much of the 1750 one. The only things of value were the expansions and just... meh. Would just buy those out right then bundled with scape dolls.

The $93 one is just so much ??? For nothing but boosters. And the bonus for spending all that money, if one chose to do so, is 125% Triboosters. That.... we already get 100% triboosts ingame and these would overwrite those. 25% isn't that much for this amount of money. Would have rather seen something like EX triboosters that can stack with what we already have.

Agree with this post, please stop shooting yourselves in the foot sega with these packs, it really offends the people who want to support you. Especially when we're about to release on steam and have a big player spike. You don't want to turn them away with stuff like this.