Cross save?

I don't know if this has been talked about yet, but will there be a cross save feature? I want to play on PC. I have a xbox but don't really want to play it on console. If it entirely releases on xbox way before PC and also has a cross save feature, then ill have the incentive to still grind the game out on xbox.

Since we have crossplay between Xbox and PC coming, yes. It's an MMO that links two platforms together. Much like FFXIV, your character data is available on both.

this is great then. I can't wait lol.

This forum has a bit of an odd layout. Didn't mean to do that 2nd direct reply lol.

i still want confirmation from microsoft.. with the steam version coming i find it hard to believe that i wont get deep rocked again.

@MEGAF1UX lmao did you roll a necromancer