Ark cash not found.

I purchased Ark cash the currency but can’t find it anywhere, checked my storage, mail even logged out and back in as well as look up YouTube videos and reddit links. I can’t find it anywhere, does anyone know if there’s a specific location or if I have to redeem it or something or if it just takes a long time to process?

The first purchase can take up to an hour or three as long as the Microsoft store didn't give any errors and you were charged.

@coldreactive okay thanks for the quick reply, didn’t get any error like most pages were saying and I was charged so I know it went through, if it’s just waiting then that’s fine appreciate it!

@coldreactive So quick update I still haven’t received the AC I purchased yesterday:( I’m all out of ideas as to what happened.

I'd recommend sending both the Microsoft Store a ticket (on the purchase history / cart / etc. pages) As well as on here: (Click "Submit a request" in the upper right after logging in.)

@coldreactive I actually just figured it out lol I completely forgot that my Microsoft store account is under a different email than my Xbox live account that I signed into when I downloaded the game to my pc 🤦🏻♂️ I appreciate you keeping up with my post and replying thank you so much!