Am I crazy? (AC Sale Prices)

Is it just me in thinking that the 9300AC sale bundle is crazy expensive for what it is?

I mean, seriously, that's nearly $100. Seems like a crazy rip off.

I don't get it, either.

It's not even for good stuff either. Like 400% rare drop rate can still mean absolutely garbage drops. $100 in AC scratch tickets would probably just let you buy the items you want for that matter.

Okay so I'm not alone, good to know.

I know the game is free to play but damn, the boosters are so over priced. I would never pay over a $1 for boosters. They're so disposable.

Welcome to NA marketing!

The overpriced monetization system and flawed launch and bad translations talk about the quality of hte NA release alot.

The prices increase every month.

It's like "These NA players are getting Unemployment and Stimulus Checks. They'll surely use these for awful AC packages instead of their rents"

There is no shame or humility anymore from SEGA. It's way too obvious.

@LapisWave I was actually curious if they were getting more expensive, and it's more of a case of them seemingly going "Ok, what's the sweet spot for number of boosts/price?"

GameStop: Hold my beer.

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(Check the original price of the 3DS XL.)

There has yet to be an AC sale that hasn't been complete garbage. Makes me sad thinking these keep happening because people out there actually waste money on them.

I remember JP used to have events where simply spending AC gave rappy suits, why don't they just do that lol.

There's no way people are buying that $100 package right? I just saw it and actually chuckled that they are releasing something so bad.

Glad it only will last a few days, if new players from steam see that, you know know they're leaving a negative review lol

Spicy, while the very same time on JP this week...


I wonder if the CEO of sega has a twitter account.

The price of EXP+ boosters on the AC shop is absolutely insane. How many people actually buy those?

Lmao, funny enough the bonus w/ Rainbow exp key is literally still under $50 USD. Versus the scam NA does making their boost pack almost $100.

Actually pathetic that people defend them to the end, wouldn't be surprised if they came in this thread to bootlick