Why shouldn't I use "Rod Shot"

So every build I've seen that's optimized doesn't use Rod Shot. I'm curious as to why this isn't the case

Reasoning: -Great PP Regen -Allows me to Regen PP from a distance On bosses where melee simply isn't an option -Keeps my squishy butt safe from getting my face pushed in.

For the one skill point im curious to see how this isn't worth it in most optimized builds. How do these builds Regen PP from a distance?

Any input on what I'm missing would be swell.

Charge PP Revival allows you to gain PP while charging. Couple that with Charged Escape and Rod Preservation Bonus, and you're set.

Some bosses, like the Devil Castle, will require constant dodging, since he likes to rocket punch three times in a row sometimes. (S Rank on the "War" version requires beating him within 10 minutes.)


Hello there!

The reason why Rod Shoot is not on end-game Force trees is due to the fact that there are other methods of PP recovery that are overall just better than to have a slot available on your Rod, let alone deal with how slow it is to swing your Rod. Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad skill to invest 1 to 3 points into during your leveling up and early-game content for Force, but you won't need it later on due to the introduction(s) of:

  • Force/Techter, which is the beginner-friendly build for Force, has natural PP regenerating options built within the Techter side of their tree. PP Conversion, alongside PP Restoration, stacks with Force's Charge PP Revival, which means you can regenerate your PP well. Fo/Te should be standing still, and pop PPC when necessary. Super Treatment (when Anti is used to clean an injury/status off you or another person) also gives PP regeneration, as well. That also can stack on top of your PPR and PPC.

  • Weapons that give passive regeneration in their potential abilities, such as the Orbit series weapons. Queen Viera was also another weapon that a lot of Forces use for on-hit PP restoration. Also, starting in Episode 5, and still being a thing in Episode 6 on the Japanese server, SSAs (S-Class Special Abilities) were introduced. Some of these SSAs offer methods of restoring PP, and the most popular way to make a "PP battery" is to stack those SSAs together, preferably on a weapon with multiple SSA slots with a decent potential relating to PP recovery. I won't get too deep into this, but to keep it short, there are weapons which help with passive/on-hit PP regeneration methods.