This is my cute and adorable Coco. Coco Creame is her full name.


Coco is an avatar I have used in many MMO games. As well as single player games. In every game she retains a very similar form and colors. Always dark skin (chocolate) with dark hair (some times pink, but very rare). Coco is always small and petite in stature as well. So if the game does not have those looks for a female character. I will use one of my other avatars (Kitiana cause she is pretty opposite to Coco)


Coco is a Summoner. I absolutely love how the Harmonizer looks on her. It is called the Impending Gale. I got it as a drop from the Virtual Battle Practice, during the 4th of July Event. Just fits with the outfit and almost looks like a short blade instead of a baton.

I started and main summoner as it sounded very unique. I did not realize it would be so involved. But never gave up on it. It took a lot of effort to learn how to use it. I am a Soloist by nature. So I try to pick any class that gives me the best ability to survive a lone while still being a filthy casual. 😜 This is the class for Soloist. I have tried the other classes and don't feel they are as strong for a Soloist as this one.


This look is made up of:

  • Base Hair: 36
  • Ribbon Socks and Gloves: White
  • Shrine Garb [OU] (Pink)
  • Shrine Garb: Sakura [BA]
  • Soaring Silks: Sakura [IN] (not that you can really see my undies anyway)
  • Twitchy Cat Ears: Black
  • Oval Rimmed Glasses
  • Gothic Claws: Black
  • Chat Head Mount: White


Nothing like a nice Action Pose. Really gets you in the mood to play. 😄


Finally, a nice close up of her cute face. It took me a while to get the Twitchy Cat Ears just right. I felt that if I was going to use cat ears on her. That they would have to be real cat girl ears. Not a Neko Mimi type of thing. Where you have Cat Ears and Regular Ears. That's not a true cat girl. So with some effort and shrinking her real ears. I was able to get them into position. This is actually similar to a alien race from long forgotten anime or game. I remember the look, yet can't remember where I saw it from. Though this goes to show that you can play around with accessories to get a unique feel for your character. Like the chat is as BIG as I can make him. Normally they are smaller.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my introduction to Coco Creame. She's on ship 2 almost every day. 😄