[Ship 2] Yomi -- Newly Formed Alliance Looking for members willing to learn and progress through game content. (EST/CST/PST)

Fresh new alliance as of July 22nd Looking for players wanting to learn and progress through the game. We are a pretty chill group currently not a lot in numbers 😞 but known each other for years. Whether you are new or a veteran there is a spot for you! 🤗 There is no requirement to join and we are open to all.

Once we have enough players the goal is to be able to organize XH Urgent Quest parties, ultimate parties etc... you name it, essentially do everything in house. All of our current members are all decently geared and are ready to help/teach you how to be efficient,make money, and blaze through content.

Other than that we are just regular people just looking to hang out and play some games. We quite Friendly and knowledgeable about the game, we'll be able to answer all your questions, give you advices on affixing etc... Because some of the members known each other for years, filter can be quite light, in other words we mess around a lot, never to be taken seriously though. 😊

We have a Discord which we currently share with crickets 🙄 ... SO! If we can fill the place up ill be super cool and lively!. We could even organize events like movie night,raffles etc..

In the end we want to build a community that share a passion for games which can extand even beyond PSO2 🙂 And whether you thrive to learn about the game, hang around to chill or want to flex your outfits (Good luck beating my Wardrobe😸 ) you are more than welcome to join! ( Please join we need people badly!! 😌 )

Almost forgot! Currently Most of us are EST/PST and play during evening/night. It's possible to find some of them logged in during the day. There is no restriction on timezone/region but it's just to give an idea of what to expect.👍

We hang on block 33 and if you are interested or have questions please DM me on Discord (Jeff#6841) I normally Answer within 20 min unless i am sleeping. You can also reply to this thread which ill keep an eye on and keep updating as we grow 😊





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