S&W's Second Massive Player Event: The Beach Party Episode!

I don't know if this was the right section to post this in but Space and Wolf is doing our second massive-player event since the team's inception! The first was the Fan Dance Event which had over 40 players attend! Optimized-18.png

At 8pm EST Saturday it's time for The Space and Wolf Beach Party Episode! Q&A and RULES in this link please read!: https://tinyurl.com/y3lvxzta

There will also be a fashion show at the event with a grand prize of 10m! Tickets are available in the shop When_Suddenly once the event starts for 500k! Our projections for this event are 100+ people! Make sure you don't miss out!


(Imagine this except 20 times bigger)

Update: This event will now be streamed on twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/whensuddenly

Update: The event was a great success with 65 players in attendance!!!!! Full gallery of the event at https://imgur.com/a/Zi8ha3l

Update: The Vote is live to decide the winner of the fashion show! the grand prize is 10 million meseta!!! Vote now at https://www.strawpoll.me/20702966/r to decide the winner!!! (Voting open until Sunday 5pm EST)

Update: Raw Video of the event here: https://youtu.be/PnWSyUR1rDs

Also first prize for the Summer Fashion contest is 10m Meseta!!!! Vote Now at https://www.strawpoll.me/20702966/r to decide the winner!!!!!!!!!!!Optimized-14.png

Hoping this goes well, hopefully I can get off work early to see!

Dang, I'm exclusively on Ship 1

if I remember correctly you can only see the last 20 buyers from your shop, and according to the info for joining the fashion show, some problems might occur.

I'd recommend 60;30;10 for the prize pool if you hit a certain amount of entrants. Basically you take the entry fees, get a total for them and then break it into 60% 30% 10% of the total. Could use the 10m as a pot bonus for first place or the general pot when calculating the winnings.

It's always good to have a prize pool that scales with the amount of entrants, otherwise people will lose faith in the legitimacy of the organizer in the long run...At least that's what I have seen from running tournaments for smash bros and talking to other TOs in the area.

Basically if you had 20 entrants, that'd be around 10m being paid in entry fees.

  • 1st Prize: 6m

  • 2nd Prize: 3m

  • 3rd Prize: 1m

Alternatively you could just use 40;40;20 if you wanna give 1st place a pot bonus.

@WorldBug3 don't worry i got a system to cover this

@Rorana and we realize that we will be making a net loss on this party, the point isn't to make money or break-even but give a little back to the community without breaking the bank

IS it over? im in channel 1?

no it's on saturday 8pm est

So how is the fashion contest judged? Which qualities of an outfit are judged and how? Demerits? etc. . Is it purely about aesthetic quality, or are creative designs also considered by the judges? Do the characters themselves count as part of the outfit?

@IAMCRAIG it is judged by popular vote. Once the contestants have registered by paying for 500k grinders on my shop (20 at a time) I will be doing special photography to take pictures of all the contestants. The photos will be posted on a voting page where anyone from the community can vote! That is how the winners will be decided.

Update: This event will now be streamed on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/whensuddenly