Help me rename my Alliance

Hi. I am the leader of Gorillas on Ship 3. I'm not happy with the name I chose but can't come up with a name! Wanna help me out? ❤

Sure, and I agree, needs more edge. How about xXxAkatsuki420xXx ?

Dudu Fan Club

Bananas Bureau

You shall be known as... dARKers

Ardent Amber. (Zealous Yellow Alliance, based on the color of bananas)

Honestly might help if you give us a theme to work off of. You might have more of a satisfaction with a theme you want your alliance to have. Otherwise, I suggest using synonyms for words and meanings you want in google. Maybe others have better ideas?

Happy Bananas

Banana Sorbet

DoNotTouchMyBanana (DNTMB)

Banana Dogs

Morning Banana


(now without banana in it)

Crunch Party

Me Stronk

Seck Fuga (i will not explain this one)

alt text

My nephew watches Tarzan on repeat, this was all I could think of.

Banana Republic


  • The Church of Lemon :3
  • Banana's Republic
  • Inu Loli Harem (people on ship 3 would get this, inu is Japanese for dog)
  • Old Genesis
  • Wasted Potential
  • Yubi Yubi
  • Fubuki Fan Club
  • House of NEET

I can come up with more

-edit- Disclaimer: I am 3rd in charge of Neko Loli Harem and none of us would be mad if you named the alliance something cheeky towards us.