UQ registration range needs an overhaul

I cant be the only one that is getting stuck with entire teams that absolutely cannot do even the most basic of PSO2's mechanics. Im not even going to harp on the AFKers that join up just to ruin it for everyone else; but there really needs to be some 'practice' version of these quests (Mining Base Despair / End).

I suggest some form of practice quest that people have to complete (on the level they want to be eligible for (eg: XH / SH etc)) with an S rank to then be eligible to join the actual event.

Otherwise these things just end up becoming incredibly frustrating and random if you arent always 12-manning them with a premade group.

On JP there's an expert matchmaking optional setting, a player that has unlocked expert and has that option enabled, will only be matched with other players that have it unlocked when running quests.

Currently on JP, unlocking expert requires the player to clear a couple of specific solo quests with S rank (the rank depends on clear time). It's possible that this feature could be added to NA in the future.

You're just going to have to lead them for now. It makes sense though, people are new to it, learning it. Teach them. If they don't want to learn, then it's on them. Are there any guides on MB3 or MB4?

@Ezodagrom I would warmly welcome something like that tbqh ❤

@Ranmaru Oh I dont mind teaching; but like. Just earlier I had people that were dying to Gwandas. I dont know how you can die to a Gwanda multiple times on XH. How do you help someone that literally cant play at the level that they need to be playing at?

I see, that's fair. Yeah, I see what you mean. It's on them to improve their own skill beyond having good gear.

Accurate representation of turning off Expert Matching on PSO2 JP in the early days of EP5



@HarmlessSyan I am both saddened and smiling. Ty.