[Ship 2] Port Mafia- Looking for Semi-Hardcore Players Vets & Beginners (DiscordVC) (MaxTree) (SociallyActive) PST/CST/EST

Name: Port Mafia

Leader: Nehikage

Type: Semi-Harcore/EndGameFocused/BeginnerFriendly

Active Time Zones: PST/CST/EST

Alliance Requirements: -Participate in Alliance Activities(Triggers, UrgentQuests, & UltimateQuest) -Use Discord to check for alliance scheduled activities -Socialize in game and on discord -Willing to learn and teach(No Elitist Mentality) -Weekly AP CAP (Simply play the game)

Alliance Description- Port Mafia is a Semi-HardCore and Chill alliance full of players that love PSO2 and look forward to meeting new members that love the game as much as we do. Our community is always running content of all types with our new members. We seek to improve your play style and get you ready for endgame ASAP so you can start running the fun stuff with the alliance. We have former JP vets such as myself and my officers who will help you with affixing all you need to do is ask when ready! We hope that you spread the knowledge to future guildie members. We host 12 man MPA’s for UrgentQuests, Triggers, & UltimateQuests. We use Discord to help organize the MPA’s we use VC as well however it is not mandatory. Our Community is mostly NA & EU players. Feel free to whisper me in game or PM me here if interested you can find us in B25 Cafe.

Player ID: Nehikage

15 slots availible for those of u who are ready to grind

Also Major Note If You Are A Force Or Techter Main we need youuu!

I just recently moved to Ship 2 and I kinda plan of being a Techter main. I'll join you guys if you want.

16 spots availible monthly kick

STILL Looking FOR TECHTER & FORCE mains, we will power lvl the crap out of you to get u ready for XH content.

Just got 2 wonderful new members 6 slots open

Got another great member today 6 slots open