[Ship 2] Port Mafia- Looking For Active Players, Hardcore/SemiCasuals/Social Players (MaxTree) (EndGameFocused) (Discord)

5 slots open! more will open after inactivity clean up

Hello and happy Spooktober. Current have 3 ghastly graves (slots) open in the Port Mafia Alliance Crypt. Come shamble your way down to block 25 and join today.

Here is to a great weekend and we currently have 4 slots open in the Port Mafia Alliance. Come down to block 25 to join today!

Hello and hope your weekend is going great, folks. Currently at 96 members and have 4 spots open in the Port Mafia Alliance! ~Yasringr

Happy Sunday! Here is to another great start of another week. Port Mafia has 3 spaces to fill for some new mafioso. Hope to see you soon down at Port Mafia. ~Yasringr

Hope you all are enjoying the spooky festivities in game this week! Currently at 99 members and have 1 spot open in Port Mafia. This is Yasringr signing off

Hope all your weekends are Spooktacular this month! Port Mafia is currently at 98 members and has 2 spots open. Feel free to apply and find us in Block 25 for a thriller of a time. ~Yasringr

Hope everyone is ready for PSO2 day upcoming today/tomorrow! Currently at 98 members and have 2 spots open in Port Mafia. Join Block 25 if interested in joining ^-^ ~Yasringr

Hello and happy Friday! Hoping everyone's weekend is starting off well. Currently have 6 spots available in Port Mafia. If interested, apply and head on down to block 25 café to join! ~Yas

Recruitment is open again!!

Port Mafia is recruiting! We are especially looking for people who play rangers or techters but it is not necessity. We currently have 5 spaces in the Mafia. If you are interested in joining, apply at the visiphone or head on over to block 25. Happy Holidays by the way to all Arks. ^-^

Looking to socialize with laid back people? Ready to get to the grind? Port Mafia has both type of players who manage to find the balance between and not forget to fashion!

Cleaned up to day 9 spaces open! Come join us and enjoy the daily banter that goes on and our 5-9 hour trigger nights! New to the game? not a problem we'll guide you through your journey and soon you'll be ready to tackle the affix system like a master.