[Ship 2] Port Mafia- Looking For Active Players, Hardcore/SemiCasuals/Social Players (MaxTree) (EndGameFocused) (Discord)

I got amazing people yesterday 🙂 5 slots still open

Special Thanks to the wonderful active people I got so far. 2 slots open!

inactivity clean up 5 slots availible

After an inactivity clean up we have 4 SLOTS OPEN!!

Calling on all melee ARKS with no Alliance we need ya! 3 slots open

9 slots availible

Mass inactivity/People that do nothing clean up

13 Slots Open!

Got 3 amazing people yesterday 10 slots open!

buumpp 9 slots open

Good Morning, Sent you a PM.

Thanks to all the grinders that have joined us! 5 slots open

Here is to a great weekend, folks. 4 slots open.

I'd like to welcome our 3 awesome mafioso that joined today! We got 1 slot currently open if anyone is interested in joining. ~bumping yas

Happy Sunday or Monday for some! Currently have 1 slot open in Port Mafia. Here's to another great week of grind! ~Yas


Inactivity check up 3 slots open!!