[Ship 2] Port Mafia- Looking For Active Players, Hardcore/SemiCasuals/Social Players (MaxTree) (EndGameFocused) (Discord)

Thank you so much to the active players who have joined our PSO2 community, the alliance is currently looking for players who run most of the content with the alliance, were looking for team players!

Daily dump of inactives was small today we have 4 slots

I purged inactives players today or players who never participated in anything with the alliance.

11 slots are open!

11 spots availible!

Were at 90 active members 10 slots open!

I got 2 awesome new members today! 7 slots open

2 slots remain!

Inactivity clean up today 10 slots open for hardcore grinders out there!

I got 2 wonderful new members yesterday, 8 slots remain!!

I got 2 new members today, 6 slots availible

3 new members yesterday 3 slots available

8 slots available after cleaning up inactives

Got 2 new wonderful peeps yesterday 6slots open

6 slots are still available 🙂

Inactivity clean up 8 slots are now available