[Ship 2] Port Mafia- Looking For Active Players, Hardcore/SemiCasuals/Social Players (MaxTree) (EndGameFocused) (Discord)

One more slot left, will be cleaning up soon more spots will open lmk

Open up 4 spaces Steam Players are welcomed

1 slot open, very impressed with the amount of dedicated players ive gotten so far

buuuumpp 2 slots open

Buuump, love the people that have joined frm the forums so far clean up comin soon 1 slot is open rn

Buuummmp, I'm goint to be cleaning house today will be kicking members who never do anything with the alliance, and never interact with the alliance. Ill update on the open slots after purge.

13 slots open after purge

Buuuumpp, had a couple apply while we were offline, sorry for that youve been scouted cant wit to have you in our PSO2 family

Daily buuump, I got 3 new members yesterday all of them amazing people, 10 slots left


Buuump, 7 slots left thank u to all of you who have joined our family

Buuump, were at 98 members now 2 slots open

Buuuummmp, Small clean up of inactive players we have 7 slots open

Buuuuump, 5 slots open