[Ship 2] Port Mafia- Looking For Active Players, Hardcore/SemiCasuals/Social Players (MaxTree) (EndGameFocused) (Discord)

Name: Port Mafia

Leader: Nehikage

Type: Active/Semi-Casual/EndGame

Active Time Zones: PST/CST/EST

Alliance Requirements: -Participate in Alliance Events (Triggers, BusterQuest, PoweLvl) -Join Discord and be communicative -Must Be Lvl 70+ -Willing to learn and teach(No Elitist Mentality) -Weekly AP CAP (Simply play the game)

Alliance Description- Port Mafia is a community made of 80+ Super Active Players that enjoy grinding everyday and enjoy the social aspect of the game. Our goal is simple and that is to have fun while grinding and participating in Alliance Events such as Scheduled Trigger Nights, UQs, BusterQuests, & Ultimates and any content worth Farming. Our Community is mainly NA but we also welcome Non-Na Players to our expanding community. We Use Discord to announce Important Events such as the Alliance lottery, Help Each Other Grow, Organize MPA's, and have a nice chill grind in VC if your up for making new friends. Were Currently one of the Top 10 Alliances in the Game( Rank 8 ) We wish to improve on this, but fun always comes first. Our Home Block is B25 if this description suits your play style make sure to DM here or On Discord.

Player ID: Nehikage Discord ID: Iachima Mori#6059

If This Description Does Not Suit You be Sure To Check Out Our Allied Alliaces, we share homeblock and a Discord

Legacy, Ragnarok, & Calming

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15 slots availible for those of u who are ready to grind

Also Major Note If You Are A Force Or Techter Main we need youuu!

I just recently moved to Ship 2 and I kinda plan of being a Techter main. I'll join you guys if you want.

16 spots availible monthly kick

STILL Looking FOR TECHTER & FORCE mains, we will power lvl the crap out of you to get u ready for XH content.

Just got 2 wonderful new members 6 slots open

Got another great member today 6 slots open