[Ship 2] Port Mafia- Active Alliance, Recruiting For Active Members & Steam Newcomers {Discord} {MaxBuffs} (SociallyActive) EST/CST/PST

Port Mafia, is now a Semi-Hardcore and extremely active alliance thanks to the people who have applied from the forums. Were looking for Active Members who log in frequently and are always ready to run quests with the alliance or members in general. We are currently rank 17 in the alliances ranking but were working on improving our ranking as well as reach top 5 at some point. We have an extremely involved community that likes to help our new players. We have a discord that stays active throughout the day, its full of guides that teach everything you need to know about the classes and the game in general. Our community is mainly NA players but we do have EU/Asia/Australia player who love the community. As an alliance the content we run is mainly XH which requires you to be lvl70 and above however, if your a player thats below that lvl know that my players will help you right away to get you ready to run content with us. We have some hardcore grinders including me who never says no to a nice 5hr grind to get you to lvl75. We host Full MPA's for Emergency Quests, Triggers, and our favorite Ultimate Quest. The prime time active hours are from 2PMEST to Late MIdnightEST. Our HomeBlock Is Block11 you can find my officers in that block or myself the leader (Nehikage) if you wish to join our PS2 family you can apply at the visiphone or contact my officers or myself here or in the game.

PlayerID Leader: Nehikage

PlayerID Officers: hustleman, Murata, Vyraal123, Alaric Knight

15 slots availible for those of u who are ready to grind

Also Major Note If You Are A Force Or Techter Main we need youuu!

I just recently moved to Ship 2 and I kinda plan of being a Techter main. I'll join you guys if you want.

16 spots availible monthly kick

STILL Looking FOR TECHTER & FORCE mains, we will power lvl the crap out of you to get u ready for XH content.

Just got 2 wonderful new members 6 slots open

Got another great member today 6 slots open