Do you have to redo story quest on alt character?

My main character has already completed Ep1-3 story quests. I just created a alt character, so I know I need to lvl her up. My thing is will I have to do the story quests over with the alt charter?

Story progress is shared

Story quest progress is shared - though you need to manually change episodes to have some NPC show up in the lobby/shop area. Titles are also shared, which makes unlocking Scion class in the future easy for alts also.

If that is your first alt character I would really recommend you create the 3rd free character, even if its just for storage. During update that have combat changes - each character will get an All Skills Reset pass, so having more character = more passes.

Thanks guys!! I'm looking forward to Ep 4. by the way, since PSO2 is starting to come out on steam, what do u guys plan to do?