ATTN SEGA: Cross Region Play

@Meta77 said in ATTN SEGA: Cross Region Play:

We wont see 3 until at least 2024 or 2025

We are gonna see another "It's been 8 years" meme.

Please SEGA, add an option for cross region play.

@Home-Rowed that will be impossible, both servers use different log in structure and the content in both servers are way different, not only that in order to cross play regions both gonna need to be in the same physical servers to not have lags or lost of data and the cost to do that will make non viable to do

What kind of cross-region play? @Home-Rowed

The game's already 'global' and everyone from different regions play on the same servers. If you mean you want the game to be able to play with JP players, that would be impossible at this point as both versions are completely different versions with their own set of features and content... not to mention, certain licenses for collaborations which will remain exclusive to the Japanese version.

Yes, cross region play between global and JP. Of course after the global version has reached parity with JP. Yes, it may be laggy connecting multiple servers, then they would have to transcode login protocols and such between versions, and certain licenses may be nearly impossible to obtain in the various countries, as many would've been sub-licensed to different companies in each different country. So, sure, it's extremely unlikely, and not worth SEGA's time, but I would still like it happen for it to be a fully global game. They could have it operate as a few cross region blocks or something, so only people who choose to go there would have to deal with the extra lag. Similarly, I think they should add Universal blocks for all quests and modes rather than just Challenge and Battle mode. Just fully unite all of PSO2, all ships, all regions.

It's funny to say Global when you cannot type in Japanese. But yeah, when they announced it, i though they are gonna do cross play, but now i don't see a slight possibility for this to happen. I played for 1 month on NA, but after i see the bad state of economy, lack of content, major system that doesn't work yet, censorship, unpredictability of things like solo triggers with badges (they probably put them on Fresh Finds with meseta, they already do that), 4th featured quest, limited quests, sg ticket for 40 sg badges, no voice tickets, etc... i quit

@LordCloudStrife I mean with all due respect, there's plenty of other games with "Global versions" which should not be taken literally. When it comes to MMOs and Mobile games you usually have region specific versions... and then "Global" versions available everywhere else. A game having a Global version nowadays usually means "the version of the game available in the most amount of territories".

In addition, I don't see how the 2019 E3 announcement could ahve meant it was ever gonna be cross-play... especially when they had the big "Powered by MS Azure" logo on it indicating that it would be completely different servers and the fact that some collabs would be outright impossible to release outside of Japan and thats not at all when taking into consideration that given they have to introduce the game to a new audience many of us saw the content gating coming.