[Ship 2] TACO PARTY a highly social and active mid-core alliance. Seeking like minded players! Check us out and participate in our Weekly Lottery of over 35 mill

Taco Party is a midcore alliance with a social core that focuses on community events/contests, organized trigger parties, Urgent Quest, Challenge Mode and Ultimate Quests. We also offer a max alliance tree, and help to anyone seeking it. Our voice chat is extremely active with players being on all hours of the day. Come check us out in Block 22 or join us in our discord at https://discord.gg/TacoParty. Xbox and PC players are welcome.

If you are looking for that perfect mix of gameplay and social aspects within an alliance, TACO PARTY IS THE ALLIANCE FOR YOU!!!

Leader PN:

  • Fxxk

Manager(s) PN:

  • DeeVa

  • Lemaindemort

  • Oscar Le Derp

  • Xuyi

  • Miko Mii

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to join Taco Party, or just hang out and get to know us: GT: DeeVa / Discord: DeeVa#2651 / PN: DeeVa

Requirements: Discord, Age 18+ and activity within the alliance

Weekly Lottery Information:

Check out Lemaindemort's Personal Quarters to enter the Taco Party weekly raffle. To enter, Purchase a Capsule from the Capsule Machine. Capsule machine prizes range from FUN Scratch items to AC Scratch Items which have been donated by members of Taco Party. Open to everyone not just alliance members. Current Jackpot is over 34 million. If the jackpot goes over 50 million, there will be three winners with the split being 80/15/5. Only one entry per person is counted so everyone has an equal chance. Be sure to have premium or a 3 day shop pass in order to receive your winnings. If you are a winner you will have 48 hours to redeem your winnings otherwise it will be passed on to a runner-up.

Raffle ends: 8/3 at 5:00 server


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