Will Techer get heavy hammer in ep4?

What other additions to ep4 change the dynamics of the class if any? Thanks for your help!

@lolm3rlin It depends on if they change the requirements to unlock it. On the JPN server, Marlu's CO for it (which also unlocks the Simple Combined Techs, one of which is the best crowd control Tech) requires you to defeat 500 enemies from the Episode 5 area and to clear the Episode 5 Expedition; if they keep it like this, it may still be a bit until we can get them.

HH was introduced in Ep5, so no.... Lol

You'll probably get it two months after Ep4 release, since estimating Ep5 release might be 2 to 2 1/2 months.

Will we get it in EP5?

@Foxkey That is when it was released, but now it is just a question of if they will release the Enchanted Forest Expedition (which you need to clear for the CO that unlocks Heavy Hammer) with the release of Episode 5 or if they are they are going to stagger its release.

Well enchanted forest is released today i wonder if they will ninja the skill....

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