Physical Merchandise

So I'm not sure about anybody else, but I'd really love to be able to get physical merchandise for the game. For example in Japan they released physical black nyack playing card decks that you could buy. See below:

alt text

It could be a good excuse to also start using the Item Code system as well, they could package special items alongside the physical merchandise. I'm making this thread so that hopefully if other players are interested the GMs on the forum can pass the suggestion along to the team, so what do ya'll think about them selling merch?

those are limited time merchandise so if it happens it will be a limited run, however the game is fairly new outside of Japan so is too soon to start running those and is Sega the one that allows when those merchandise can be done and until they see if there's a market for those they won't do it

I mean they are getting ratings from the actual international ratings boards independent of IARC which would be entirely pointless unless they were going to release a promotional physical disk. They've yet to get a proper ESRB rating though.