What was your favorite PSO1 character class, and will it effect the character you build in PSO2?

RAmar 4 Lyfe! ;0~~ >8*)!!

I realize this thread isn't particularly purposeful anymore. But I would still like to put my input on it for ye olde posteriteh! ;0

Played to Lvl. 200+ on the Dreamcast (no interwebz) Play to Lvl. 60+ but didn't have it in me to re-create myself to my former Dreamcast's glory.

Having been 20yrs+ since I'd forgotten if it was Resta the item or technique that I would've had to use. Initially in PSO2 NA I chose Ra/Fo. Because I liked not having to be item dependent. A being self-sustaining near indefinite field longevity.

Though I have learned some lessons somce CBT to now. And with some great assistance from the salty and non-salty alike in some other threads recently. I'm confident I have a hopefully prosperous/party contributive future Ra/Hu balanced with my personal playstyle career ahead of me!

o// =^.^=

p.s. ..now I realize why DAMAR light bulbs registered so strongly with my mind. mar marmarmarmaram.. ;0 ;)~

Was Humar . Going racast as main . Closest thing is my alt was fonewarl which I plan to have in pso2

HUcast is a really good Hunter class back in PSO. Going to main Hunter/Fighter CAST for now till Hero comes out.

Anything I could use my Monkey King Bar on. Was my favorite weapon ever and one of the greatest drops I’ve ever got.

Must find it on PSO2