A decent way to make meseta?

I have a shop and recently sales haven't been so good. I don't have a stable source of income. I've just been getting lucky but my luck has finally run out.

Daily's and weekly quests are a good way to make meseta. I don't have a shop and I have 25 million meseta in the bank.

Weeklies and daily/client orders done on multiple characters is the most stable income.

Weeklies with level 50+ characters gives you 2 mil per character so with the standard 3 characters this is 6 mil a week.

Yerkes, in the cafe, gives 500k from his five client orders that has you gather some items. Doing this across 3 characters gives you 1.5 mil a week.

Daily orders have a couple 100k+ orders each day. If you can do a 100k daily order across all 3 characters that is 300k meseta.

Obciously the daily orders take more time, but just doing the weeklies and Yerkes across 3 characters gives you 7.5 mil a week.