So is it safe to assume there will be new servers for the steam launch?

Is it likely they will allow server transfers ? Or will they be completely fresh servers.. so only cosmetics account bound from NA version we will be able to use there?

How likely is it the servers will be situated in Europe for ping purposes also?


They made no announcements about aditional ships, so we don't know if they'll add more ships or not.

I really hope we get at least one ship that is physically located in Europe and with its own urgent quest schedule, since the NA urgent quest schedule just does not work for the EU timezone.

@GM-Deynger Any chances for news about this before the Steam/Episode 4 release?

One ship for EU side would be nice although i'm content on Ship 3 for my own needs I think newcomers may want at least an additional ship, but I imagine very well that a large portion of the players we lost will rejoin due to a better launcher, I know a few who are waiting, but I also know those wanting to spending into cosmetics etc, aren't keen on workarounds who will now, with expanded regions and be more cost effective to them to be likely more interested along with steam self marketing the game from being on the store page.

if new ships open i suggest a one time free ship transfer for all existing accounts and those who want to join on (lets say the new official EU ship 4) if it does get new UQ timings etc - registration time should happen before the maint. on august 5th and after a possible announcement on the new ships and clarification what they bring with them (wich i hope will follow soon....only 7 days left boyz)