Please revise your Steam region block.

@RemovableRogue saw a picture of a french page for pso2 you can buy the currency from steam directly too. So idk what is the issue of region blocking us based on Xbox live service. I HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED THE GAME ONCE AND MS STORE NUKED ITSELF

so im from estonia, no laws that would not alow it released here afaik , same currency and price as regions that can play it in eu server location is not even issue for pso2 since its peer to peer no xbox live stuff needed for steam at all no extra cost to unthick the region box on steam afaik none of it makes sense. so yet again i feel like im guilty charged and punished for being born in a small nation with low population.

@RemovableRogue in my case, this is the first time that a game that i wished so much to play, region locked me from steam when all of my games i have on my library have no region lock whatsoever. I have even tera from enmasse, which is US based, unlocked for my region.

most of the NA based mmos or online games have lifted restrictions, only 1 i know still having it is vindictus, asian games tend to be ip blocked often. this type of region locking is always about price diferences exept now, u got russia and europe in same region while leaving out lots of countries

@RemovableRogue for vindictus i use the launcher and set it on eu. i dont play it from steam

last region restriction mess i actually remember was with borderlands 2 pre order stuff on steam, a week before launch they suddenly changed it to regional versions and estonia lithuania and latvia got stuck inbetween , russian 15 dollar version of the game for european 60 eur pricetag, it was pure carelesness of a big corporation about small nations.

and im certain its same here, sega just gives no shits about outside jp

Still nothing. Sad. Well ima either play on xbox or take a time from pso. Hope to see something soon.

@RemovableRogue Well started a post on steam due to the region locking and this is what one of the players on the discussion just sent me Screenshot_1.png

you can find the disccussion by searching pso2 steam community hub, you'll see which one it is

@Zodiac862 that may be true but i havent heard about any laws in estonia that difer from finnish laws that would make it illegal here

@Zodiac862 said in Please revise your Steam region block.:

@RemovableRogue Well started a post on steam due to the region locking and this is what one of the players on the discussion just sent me Screenshot_1.png

Funny enough, it just says you are responsible for breaking any laws if you play the game in a locked region and that Steam would have no part of it.

Ironic, because there IS no damn law against playing this game for some of us since, and i can't stress this enough, my country of Puerto Rico IS A PART OF THE UNITED GOD-DAMN STATES OF MOTHERLOVING AMERICA.

@Ephemiel didn't mean to make you mad by showing this, sorry :S

@Zodiac862 we love you. We are just sad. Now reading that, we have been breaking the law since forever then? MS must have the ssme thing and we can play. There must be another reason.

That's usually just law crapola to save their butts. Much of it is used not to charge players, but to save their butts in court should someone has the bright idea to sue them for whatever. It's pretty standard ToS stuff you will see repeated over and over.

If you want to follow the discussion on steam here it is