Please revise your Steam region block.

And the game is requesting yet another reinstall on my laptop. Just now right this very moment it did this after Windows did a small non game related update...... Guess I'll play on my desktop until it uninstalls itself there again and just leave and not return. This is getting quite ridiculous.

if they don't fix this maybe they gone be sorry about gamers rage just saying.

@Neosayayin said in Please revise your Steam region block.:

if they don't fix this maybe they gone be sorry about gamers rage just saying.

The problem with big non indie companies is that they don't really need to try and make every player happy. There will always be ways to get revenue without having to care for every "little thing" the players need. Money will keep flowing into their coffers regardless of the success or failure of this game in this region. And in the case of Sega, so long as the Japanese are happy and some Americans still give them money, these issues we post here are so minor that they may not even register on their radars. Still, there should always be documentation of the efforts of players to let them know what's going know, even if they don't listen. Just so other future players coming after us know what to expect.

@ZorokiHanuke sigh... This is another thing. Tomorrow we are getting another update with a bunch of problems again and maybe servers gonna give problems to all.

At this moment i just want the steam lock out of the way for future updates.

@Blackau I find it disheartening, but it's not the end of the world for me. This isn't the first Sega product that made me feel like this. I have already stopped giving them money and I'll stop playing when I get enough shenanigans. Then I'll just move to another game or stop gaming either for awhile or finally for good. Plenty of other activities for me to do out there, after all. Maybe I can finally learn to draw stuff properly, or model stuff in blender, or return to derping around with midi music. All while I still have functioning limbs and a mind.

@ZorokiHanuke at this point the devs and the gms here have literally and completely ignored us. If one of them replies the person will be met with outrage for us players who got locked out of the game. I didn't even had the chance to make a character let alone play it.

I had it with their false advertising of the game not being ip blocked but lock the cash shop for US players only. And now locked out for 12 EU countries and SEA, proving that it is not global.

I had it that they chose Microsoft Store and based their regions and service on Xbox live accounts instead of making it as a separate launcher with an independent account creation, which then the microsoft store botched the game with a majority of faults and nuking itself from the pc, while wasting time reinstalling 80GB of files while having to deal with permissions, with potentially screwing the pc in the process without even considering a beta test beforehand.

And i also had it that the SEGA devs didn't even give us an answer due to the regions being locked out, keeping us in the dark, and basically ignored us.

I'm worried for this game's future...

@Zodiac862 While I blame the devs for not talking, I can't lame the GMs. I feel they have done a good job at it and I admire their patience. The other point is that it seems we wouldn't have PSO2 NA at all if it wasn't for Microsoft laying the groundwork. I mean, Sega killed their NA plans 7 years ago, and they most likely had no intention on doing it themselves due to possible low revenue. So as disappointed as I am with the Steam lock and the MS Store shenanigans, I feel we didn't get the worst scenario of having no game at all, ever. At least some of us could play even if by accident. Though some people (I assume you are in that group?) are still dealing with that very picture of not being able to play. So I understand your anger. Still, I wanted to point who I thought did what in this scheme, so the finger is properly pointed.

@ZorokiHanuke yeah you're right. Over reacted due to how pissed i am for not playing the game.

@Zodiac862 And it's understandable. I'm very disappointed myself at all of this. But I'm not letting this ruin my evening. There's more World out there to see, after all.

@ZorokiHanuke So i did a bit of digging, so changing the region in UK for the MS is displaying along with the price range, changed it to Italy same, and i changed it to Malta it only displays the game but no pricing. And previously i had ownership of the game before it came in the UK or in Italy. What could that mean?

@Zodiac862 I'm no expert on this region locking stuff, but the little I learned about how Steam handles it, it seems that each user has a set of locks based on their region, and swapping regions changes those locks. Steam used to be very lenient with regions, which allowed people to buy games at very low prices from other regions, then redeem them on their region of residence. It also fostered game trading. Current region locking ended that. So I wouldn't be surprised if MS has a similar (though perhaps not as strong) region locking scheme.

steam now needs you to purchase something with the regions payment method for the store to change regions so even vpn wont actually do anything

@RemovableRogue so even though i pay in Euros it still wouldn't work if i change region to Italy since my paypal address is in Malta. and i pay with steam wallet 😕

Sigh, always getting screwed for being in Puerto Rico.

i absolutely hate how steam region lock works in europe... i can understand licensing deals limiting regions but without that its same currency and same price completely voiding the reason of the regional restrictions steam has (its for making sure we dont buy games at cheaper price from other region -.-)