Please revise your Steam region block.

@GM-Deynger said in Please revise your Steam region block.:

Hi all. Your feedback has been heard, and will be communicated to the developers. Thank you for voicing it!

I will legitimately love you guys if you manage to fix these issues, especially the Puerto Rico one.

Yeah, I know of people whose region seems not to be included. I think everyone should be allowed to enjoy this awesome game 🙂

specially because steam platform is perfectly capable of handling the regional pricing. i truly hope the meaningless lockout will be removed.

@GM-Deynger Thanks for responding to our request. We REALLY hope that the ppl at SEGA will think about this PROPER.

@GM-Deynger hope you make it avalable for southeast asia players as well.

@GM-Deynger Thank you very much! Please let the game be available for the rest of the countries. Some of the players will be missing out and it's good that we can play this early for NGS release.

Let's hope this is actually fixed BEFORE the Steam launch.

Of course, all. You will be heard. 🙂

@GM-Deynger Thank you so much for hearing our plight, i too wish to play the game on steam and it sucks that Malta, also one of the EU countries is also region locked. Please make it happen not just for my country, but for others as well.

@GM-Deynger Thanks for listening. I know your position here is to keep the forums tidy and moving any meaningful message across. So I say this to you and hope others do as well. If ultimately this is not addressed, the ones responsible will be the dev team or the corporate heads up there, either because they failed to do something or some higher up prevented them to do it (I mean, that's a big possibility as well). So I want to let others know that the GMs here shouldn't be getting any flak if things go south since from what I see, GMs are doing their job.

More on topic, now my MS store installs are getting more frequent problems, usually nuking themselves whenever Windows installs an unrelated update. I'm not going to do the tweaker thing because I don't fully trust third party software, not because I don't trust the good intentions of the creators, but because I've seen cases from other places where hackers have managed to intercept the software and infect others with malware. Fan creators are not, after all, big companies able to pay their way into a more secure piece of software. So for now, I keep a copy of the whole client to save myself the pain of downloading all 70 GB every time a nuke happens. But I really hoped the Steam version would alleviate this, plus I wanted a try at mapping my controller with their software.

It is highlt likely steam version restrictions can be bypassed without much of a issue in terms of free game with no ip block. however i was hoping to be able to purchase some things without resorting to 3rd party sites for other country xbox gift cards, and that unfortunately cannot be bypassed on steam easily.

Please also review region lock from Ecuador, i have been waiting this game in steam. Xbox online purchases are not available in Ecuador, that's why i was hoping to play it on steam

@GM-Deynger The Steam version looks to be unavaible in Romania too, which is part of the EU , even though i did not see our country in the restriction list. Thanks for listening to our concerns.

starting to feel very pessimistic about anything changing this close to steam release.... all it means is il play for free and refuse to spend money on the game though.