Please revise your Steam region block.

All regions are free now except those which have clients in other countries (Japan) full of RMT meseta spammers (china) and/or laws against the game (Netherlands).

@RacsoZen said in Please revise your Steam region block.:

Thank you pso2 team!, i hope they find a way to enable more regions soon !!!

❤ Thank you!

@Ephemiel mostly hackers down there tho, 15 years of mmo experience. The wage of work is sooo bad down there that people make more selling mmo currency lol

I can't believe it happened but it did. Thank God it did! Finally!

Game is finally open in my country now on steam, ty

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Damn, it took them until October to remove region lock? That's messed up. Not going to be playing PSO2 until New Genesis hits, getting region locked on steam after the whole MS debacle really ticks me off.

@Rickyr3tard Really? These things can't be done in the snap of the finger due to rules and such. They probably had to jump over the most difficult hurdles in order to accomplish this so, I'm glad it didn't take them longer.