Please revise your Steam region block.

There's a thread in general describing what's going on and what people have found about the Steam version of the game. It seems a few players that shouldn't have problems accessing the game (and some who are currently accessing it through MS store) are finding that their countries are region blocked. Like some Euro countries and the Caribbean (Puerto Rico and other US territories most notably)

So as a suggestion, can the devs please check the Steam page for the game and see if any of those countries can be added? OR, if they do not want to add more because of anything related to contracts with Microsoft, can that info be relied to the public to know?

I feel silence or any lack of info on this and a few other issues from the suggestions section have been alienating players. So I hope we can get a bit more information going on.

Thank you for reading.

Update August 18. Thank you for adding all the new countries!

Let's hope they actually bother to listen because this is honestly beyond stupid.

I know at least GMs will listen. But rather than adding more countries, I'm actually MUCH more interested in answering this and other suggestions. I really thank the GMs for at least trying, but we all know GMs are not devs so all they can do is carry the message, yet the devs don't seem to have any sort of representative or community link to deliver any concrete answers for any questions players may have.

In case if the devs (or any other ppl from SEGA) tries to refute and say that their release is "global" even on Steam:


When it comes to Puerto Rico, so the devs know, we're considered a part of both the U.S and Latin America and, quite clearly, both the U.S and Latin American countries are among the countries allowed. It makes zero sense to exclude us from this.

@Josua Thanks.

On the topic, I also hope this is more of a placeholder and more countries will be added. Still, we have to let the devs know from where their players are logging from.

I hope they enable more South American regions too!

They better fix this or they gone loss a lot of costumers, After 8 years waiting for this game I was patiently waiting for the Steam release and now Steam says the game is region lock, In my opinion is valve problem and not SEGA but they need to do something about it. I know a lot of places have problems because of there government laws but from where I come from (Puerto Rico) we have the same law as the United States because we are part of them. I'm playing on the MS store right now and don't have a problem playing the game but want to change to the Steam version for a lot of reasons. Anyway please is any GM see this please let the devs know the situation.

@Neosayayin Steam only curates. SEGA holds the decision on where it's getting released. So it's not Valve's that's the issue, it's SEGA.

If you are bringing Singapore from SEA region into steam, pls let other SEA countries in it too. For a f2p games, the market is huge potentially in SEA region since they mostly play f2p games compare to p2p online games such as Indonesia.

Estonia being left out while most of europe is in is nothing new, always disgusting but not new. but being left out while russia is also included feels like major slap in the face. its like going from old soviet era countries being bundled together regardless the current situation to letting us know we aint even worth that sort of treatment anymore. what kind of confidence should i have in any other microsoft game with any sort of online elements now. been asking for make the game avalable for SEA region being we want to play the game and support it once again since the SEA server shutdown a few years ago.

Im just sad cuz i know deep down the region lock wont change and players like me from PR are not getting the game on steam.

@Blackau said in Please revise your Steam region block.:

Im just sad cuz i know deep down the region lock wont change and players like me from PR are not getting the game on steam.

It could, but prob not anytime soon. This happen with DC universe online. it was region locked in SEA region but now it's open. Not sure when thou cause I stopped long ago since I couldn't purchase anything with my money.

Hi all. Your feedback has been heard, and will be communicated to the developers. Thank you for voicing it!