why are eggs drop rate so bad

i have been farming flaoting facility for 1 hour+ with 50% triboost on and only got like 4 eggs ?

@FerventPond3601 Yeah it sucks. I usually farm eggs in the ultimate quests, but it's not as good as I'd like.

If anyone else knows of good ways to farm eggs that would be great too!

Maybe this might help:

  • Be in a party of 4 (+40%) or bots (+25%)

  • Use deband drink and roll for RDR (not sure, about +10-15% maybe?)

  • Max your dailies Boost (+50%)

  • Take alliance boost (+10%)

  • Trade in 6 ex-cubes for RDR (+250%)

  • Equip weapon with Lucky Charm, only if you don't loose a lot of dmg (+5 - 7 - 10%)

  • There are purchasable units with build in Lucky Charm if you are tanky enough (+15 - 21 - 30%)