15 Countries, Official new release of global?

1st off, Thank you to the GMS. It seems like everything that has been reported has in some way always gotten to the devs. I am just thankful. I also hope to see some of those Alliance changes in NGS cause the hype would be amazing!!! Thank you again for all the hard work you guys do. With the last update they stated they are adding 15 new countries. They didn't make it clear if this is part of the steam update or the PC release in general. Would be nice to get some clarification, as You would think that would be it's own announcement.

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I am excited to share my love for this series with others from around the world. OFFICIALLY!

33 countries technically and both. The Steam version goes live on August 5th coinciding with the Episode 4 update. Currently anyone in those 33 countries can see the Steam page and wishlist it but they cant see the game on the MS Store... most likely until the maintenance implementing Episode 4 actually releases.