PSO2es for NA

I know it is a long shot since we already get PSO2es gear drops in game, but I figured that if I don't try, it'll definitely never happen and if I do try there is at least a slight chance.

Aside from giving players an additional 200 storage and another 100 if they use the OTP feature, it also makes it easier for players outside of the supported regions to buy AC. After all, PSO2es is used by players foreign to the JP servers to reliably buy AC and premium. Being easier to buy AC may help the profit margin.

It also has some story to it as well and gives some characters that don't get feature too much in the main game's story a bit more time in the limelight.

So yeah, more story, additional storage for players, added account security, gives 1 SG a day, lets us feed our mags on the go, and making it easier for players to purchase AC and Premium.

If it was written off before, maybe it is a good time to rethink about that and maybe revisit the idea?

I suspect if either this or an equivalent companion app aimed at NG is on the cards, inception or work will have already started.

But there's no harm in supporting this idea on the off-chance a decision is still pending.

And hey, I never knew about the mag feeding feature. That would be super convenient!

Yeah, I do hope this or an equivalent companion app is in the works. Though I really would like PSO2es for the story as well; some characters just don't get as much attention as they used to.

Also, a huge thing can be said for the OTP (One-Time Password) system. Many big MMO's like WoW and FFXIV have one for a reason.

Feeding your mags on the go is definitely really nice. It really helps speed up the process as we can feed our mags throughout our daily lives.