well the 6% cd ones are in game....the great success booster i didn see yet

@JuggernautGTX Where are the T3 furnishings. I didn't find them in the Recycle/Swap shop.

@Furious said in Crafting:

Ah yes, as a TE/HU I can get.... uh...

Ramegid Type-0 and Zondeel range increase, I guess. Yay.

Safoie 0 and Nabarta 0 are also very good for TE.

@Ranmaru said in Crafting:

I'm very happy to see this menu:

The heck are those graphics settings?

Say, I have a question about the crafting. If I make multiple custom discs of a particular technique, can I keep using the disc to increase the benefit? If so, would that also stack the demerit feature as well?

Cause stacking the Rafoie damage bonuses multiple times seems like a huge boost with a minor penalty when I use the Fast Charge skill on my fire techniques....

@Archetype-Luna titles...but just the cooldown ones