crafting information

Now that we will be able to craft, it's time we all save level 11+ discs if we have yet to begin, so we can break them down later. (If you already have, good on you) We will also want to take advantage of daily crafting orders. (Those are easy, do them daily!)

I've been saving Lv11+ PA/Tech disks since over a month ago. It has filled my premium storage completely, and extended storage (1) completely. This still wont be enough for all the PA Fragments I'll need.

What do you mean begin saving Level 11+ discs? I've been collecting those for the past month. My entire premium storage is filled with them, all 400 slots, and a good deal of my character storage is filled as well.

Good to hear. I shall clarify, for those that have yet to begin, it is now time. I'm happy we can use Type-0 PA's now.

Yeah Type-0 Cherry Blossom Finale, how have I waited for you.

Ah yes, as a TE/HU I can get.... uh...

Ramegid Type-0 and Zondeel range increase, I guess. Yay.

I'm very happy to see this menu:

alt text

Are the level 3 and 4 crafting furnishings not in the game yet? There should be 4 tiers of crafting furnishings right?

@Archetype-Luna I thought I saw them in the Star gem shop.

@ERICK001BC The ones I am talking about are different. The Star Gem ones only take up 2x2 space, but the level 3 and 4 ones I am looking at are 2x6 and are purchasable with a combination of FUN and ex cubes I believe.

never mind I was looking at the wrong terminal and had a moment of clarity after posting, I am stupid please ignore me

@Archetype-Luna on JP tier 1&2 are at the FUN shop and tier 3&4 are at the recycle/swap shop.

@HarmlessSyan Yeah, I checked the recycle/swap shops and didn't see them. Guess they are not in NA/Global yet.

@Archetype-Luna Oh dang, that's shady as hell if they added the small SG version which came way after the normal version on JP.

@HarmlessSyan Yeah, I can confirm the SG ones are in NA. I made sure to check after not seeing the T3&4 furnishings in the recycle/swap shop.I am hoping for an honest mistake being made or I am somehow blind.