Let us pay to vent Nyau into space.

Seriously, it's a win/win/win scenario here: You let me give you (Sega) $100 to vent Nyau into space for a predetermined amount of time and have a lillipan, rappy or hell, Luther take over running the Black Jack tables until Nyau respawns.

You can even justify it with how Nyau regularly assaults ARKS operatives out on important missions, potentially jeopardizing them, especially with the large falspawn that are regularly summoned after his attacks.

Actually, fuck it; 200 dollars sega. I will give you $200 to vent that little bastard into space and I'm sure there are at least a couple others that would be willing to pay that much too. I'm willing to pay upfront to prove I'm serious, just let me press the button when it's implemented, I beg of you.

Maybe have Phaleg Ives take his place instead. After all, boobs sell.

Its why hes stuck there. We keep breaking his weapons boards and other things he has to work in the black jack casino to get new ones.