Hello, I was hoping someone can help with this issue. Recently my screen has been freezing but maintaining audio. I'm able to still open menu's etc.. but the screen doesn't un-freeze. I have to alt+tab out and use task manager to exit the game.

Has anyone experienced this issue before or has any idea on how to fix this?

I've tried:

Reinstalling windows, reinstalling GPU drivers through DDU, changing NVIDIA Control Panel settings to prioritize GPU, changed graphic settings to run Microsoft store apps with GPU, changed power options to high performance mode, turned all OverClock settings to default, updated BIOS and all drivers. And more.

I know it has nothing to do with PSO2 Tweaker or its settings because the same issue occurs when I'm running the Microsoft store version of the game w/o the tweaker. But regardless, I followed all the steps and recommendations from the guide.

The temperatures are good. The highest the GPU gets is 70 degree Celsius, and the CPU goes up to 40 degree Celsius. I've ran multiple stress tests for GPU, CPU, and RAM. Everything comes back good with over 140fps.

What I did notice though is that when the screen stutters and ultimately freezes with audio, the GPU's power hits 100% and then drops to 0% all within approximately 3 seconds. Unfortunately when it recovers, the video image is frozen. It seems the GPU becomes unresponsive.

My specs:

  • Asus Monitor (2560x1440) 144hz - G-Sync Enabled

  • MSI GodLike 390Z Motherboard

  • MSI RTX 2080ti - Trio GPU

  • Intel i9 9900K CPU

  • 32GB RAM (G.Skill)

Any Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!