Why region lock steam version?

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So when are they release the game global without the region lock? When the greed kicks in?

The thing is, it is already global. There is no such thing as something global that is legally supported in every region on Earth.

Im from Puerto Rico and have an Xbox account and can play on the Xbox and Win 10 version but not Steam. it says its not available in my region when I could play the game on other platforms. Its really strange. I wanted those Half Life Cosmetics

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Im from Puerto Rico and have an Xbox account and can play on the Xbox and Win 10 version but not Steam. it says its not available in my region when I could play the game on other platforms. Its really strange. I wanted those Half Life Cosmetics

From my understanding, this comes from an issue with the region settings likely being copied from the MS Store. The United States and Puerto Rico are considered one entity in the MS Store but I believe on Steam they are considered separate territories for some reason. It is possible that whoever set up the page did not add Peurto Rico as a region of service as they thought it was already included when they added the US.

Also, I believe it is Sega of Europe that handles the steam page. From what I know, our feedback on these forums are delivered to Sega of Japan. It is possible that feedback regarding the steam region lock is sent to Sega of Japan rather than Sega of Europe, who can fix the issue with Puerto Rico.

Here is Sega of Europe's support link: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb

It may be a good idea to perhaps directly message Sega of Europe on this matter.

@Skyebaron6912 I checked it and is just as @Archetype-Luna says. Sega added USA to both versions of the game. The MS store has PR as a territory, but Steam has PR as it's own separate country.

Now, at this time, nobody knows if Sega actually intended PR to be even part of this game or not, considering many (well, some like Vindictus and the old version of Dragon nest)action combat games leave the island out due to the risk of bad ping. BUT, the PR MS store game has demonstrated that ping is not an issue, since the game runs normally from that location.

Well. Puerto Rico now properly works in the steam version after all the tickets and information that Steam also provided me to legally support that Puerto Rico falls under the federal commerce clause... I'm not in the mood to go in legal grounds. Long story short: Puerto Rico now has the access it should have had. Yatta.

Need to add Costa Rica so my homey can play.

To quote what falls under "State" in the commerce clause and the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; "The term "State"; includes a State of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, Wake Island, the Canal Zone, and Outer Continental Shelf lands defined in the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act [43 U.S.C. 1331 et seq.]." In theory, all these places have the same rights as any state when it comes to business, UNLESS there's a local law or monetary reasons that interfere with the business (long distance, extra cost, etc). If it doesn't have any real reason, then it could potentially fall under discriminatory. Puerto Rico in specific has a very extensive court cases which is were I have all my source, I unfortunately only studied law in Puerto Rico, thus I only know that in Puerto Rico's case, this applied... I can't say the same for the rest though, that requires checking the current legal state in such affairs.

@Adaichi94 Basically the case of PR, as stated before, was simply on how Microsoft and Steam tagged the island as. MS correctly placed PR under USA as part of it. While Steam added it as it's own country/region.

I assume Steam did this due to ping dependent games, to allow companies to disallow people from logging from a place far away and possibly degrading the experience for local US users due to bad ping. Vindictus and for a time, Dragon Nest NA, were examples of this view. But as ping goes, PR can successfully ping for as low as 100ms on servers as far as California. I know of tests done long ago to prove this number. 100 ms may not be perfect ping, but it's playable ping for the vast majority of games.

@ZorokiHanuke That's likely. Steam themselves told me they separate Puerto Rico mostly for Tax reasons. Hence why Steam heavily punishes the use of VPN and the like. My research on the ping side of things is smaller, but there has yet to be any legal precedent of it causing any problems to other games (atleast, on vindictus it did not as far as I researched).

@Adaichi94 Yeah. Taxes could be one reason as well, as the island may not operate exactly like the states in that regard. As for ping, my ultimate assumption into it is less based on actual ping performance and more about avoiding local player backlash.

Some games that welcomed players from other regions in the past, had degraded experience problems due to bad ping players being able to play with good ping players, and in many case, the bad ping players were even able to cheat, or have accidental cheat-like behavior (teleporting and such). But at least PR can demonstrate they have fair ping to most parts of the USA with the current broadband infrastructure. And there shouldn't be any problems playing ping dependent games from there.

@ZorokiHanuke It's mostly due to separate the sales tax, Steam automatically puts sales tax based on your region. Changing said region is technically tax evasion, hence why its so strict. And that makes sense, with some countries that are farther away. Ironically, I tend to have a more consistent internet/ping and speed than most of my friends that live in states, but I also know of some people locally that have wi-fi that only goes up to 5mbs on download speed... which is really low. Thanks for the information.

@Adaichi94 It's funny when you can tell someone closer to a certain server that you can ping to it faster then them. In most cases it's because their ISP is giving less than stellar service, or they are being intentionally throttled. Some services throttle even when there's no load needs because they think they can go unnoticed, but they rectify as soon as you call. I've experienced this a few times. SpeedTest is a great tool for this, and I recommend people to run such tests at least once a month.

Finally thank you SEGA for removing the Region Lock on Puerto Rico.

hopefully they remove it from more regions soon... i can play through steam now but i still got a friend in pso2 who cant