Players can hide ARKS ID and Gamertag ingame.

I've already made a support ticket, but I found out recently that it's possible for players to hide their Gamertag (which seems to in turn hide their ARKS ID) when a couple of players in one block were spamming incessantly and found I couldn't bring up their Gamertag to block them.

This is incredibly bad since it means if a player is harassing someone, they cannot block said person and will be forced to either close the game or endure said abuse until a GM actions their account, which could be hours or days after the fact. All the while, said player can harass their target with impunity.

Worst case scenario, it could lead to group harassment of individuals with it potentially ending in a suicide. This isn't saying it will happen, but the fact that it's a possibility serves to highlight how important it is for Sega and Microsoft to come together and address this before it has a chance to happen.

This may come off as dramaticized, but online harassment has become more prevalent in recent years and has harmed many, so again, I hope Sega and Microsoft take this seriously and prioritize fixing this issue.

This is also a concern as it makes it harder to report cheaters. It's really been setting off red flags lately when people at the top of the TA leaderboards have private ARKS ID + GamerCard.

This maybe a bug my brother was unable to click or see my name despite me longing in and out. Im pc and he runs on xbox the only fix i found was changing my pso2 id.