oh. c'mon... Why is this game not available in the MS Store?

I want to play PSO 2 (I started this series with PSO Dreamcast, then PSO v2, then PSO v2 on GameCube, finally PSO Blue Burst for PC - over 20 years in total ...), but ... it's impossible! There is a website with the game in the Microsoft Store, but it says the game is not available ... WTF?

Maybe it's important - I live in Europe, not America.

that's why, unfortunately you would need a vpn

I also recommend using PSO2 Tweaker instead of the MS Store. The MS Store is known for having installation issues to say the very least.

Thanks for the answers. I used to play PSO 2 with English inserted by fans, but it was troublesome (constant updating etc). Additionally, the game required logging in via VPN. I can see that nothing has changed for Europe despite the "official" release of the game ... You still have to figure it out, instead of just playing normally 😞

@Kogut-Domowy You don't need a VPN...

Long story short, you can just use the "PLAY NOW" button to go to the web version of the MS Store and change your region at the bottom left to US and 'add to cart' to add the game to your library. Once there, without needing to change regions, you can just go to the MS Store "Library" and select the game from there and set it to install.

Also yea... the initial release was a "North America only" release but all that means is that they aren't officially servicing just yet... unlike JP, the Terms of Service say nothing about playing from outside of North America. Also an official global launch is slated to happen this year, when that happens you don't need to change your platform's regions or anything like that to play.

@Kogut-Domowy They literally stated when the game came out that it was a NA release. Europe and NA are two separate regions. More regions may get a release later down the road, but the lack of observation about regions falls on you.

You may want to wait until next year. There is a global release in 2021 PSO2: NGS.

@animeregion the roadmap says the global release for Legacy PSO2 will be happening in 2020. NGS is just what follows after in 2021.